If you have ever had to deal with being seasick then you know what an absolute nightmare it is. It feels as though the insides of your body are going to be tossed out and it is definitely not a fun experience. So here are a few tips on how to cope with sea sickness:

Go breath in all that fresh air that’s outside

Get onto the deck of the ship and take a deep breath. Whether you are on a luxury cruise around Italy or merely travelling by ship out of necessity, you are almost guaranteed to have some place where you can step outside and soak in the sunlight and fresh air. When you are inside the ship your body cannot understand how this seemingly solid structure is tossing about in the open oceans so it is best to go outside and watch the waves crashing against the side of the boat as this helps your mind register that there is motion happening, which should enable you to recover from your motion-sickness. Something that works even better is to look out into the horizon (as it is the only stationary thing in the whole ocean), by staring at the horizon your mind should adjust itself and you will gradually begin to feel better.

It is all in your head

It is all a case of mind over matter (most of the time but this does not apply to all people). Convince yourself that you are fine and you will start to get a lot better because seasickness is very much a mental state. It is not really your tummy or any other part besides the mind that convinces you that you are ill from the motion. So it is in fact possible to fight it with strong conviction.

Certain foods can make or break your seasickness

I understand that luxury cruises Australia generally want to spoil guests with their lavish spread of usually greasy, buttery and fried goodness. Food that people tend to lose their control over and over-eat. But certain foods that are very oily and high in fat will just make you want to puke whether or not you are on a ship so it is best to avoid these altogether. Items you should eat are either chewing gum or saltines, however, if you try this and it does not work for you or it only makes the motion-sickness work then it is best leave it. Something that I know will definitely work is having a few sips of lime juice or lemonade, I do not know how, but it tends to settle an upset stomach.Follow these tips and tricks as it will make your seasickness a lot better, thus saving you from what is going to be a miserable experience.