Being an international student, studying in different country could be difficult especially when you have to live by yourself and the student apartment that you live in plays an important role. Therefore, to avoid any kind of the inconvenience, many international students book and secure the rooms prior to their semester so that when they go, they immediately have place to live in. but before you could book a room, you must know that what are the types of the best student accommodation in Lismore and which one is best for you. Although in different countries it could be different but the major types are discussed below:

University accommodation:

For a freshie, the university accommodation is one of the easiest and most safe option because it is given by your university which means that you are living either inside the campus or really nearby and this is how you are safe from travelling daily from your place to university. Not only these are safe, but these are cheap as well and the rooms given by the university are also very nicely organized. Mostly the university has the shared flats system in which students have different rooms but they are combined into one giant room which has shared living space, kitchen and bathrooms as well. The only disadvantages are that the basic facilities could be absent sometimes like the hot water etc.

Private student apartments:

In case, UNSW student accommodation is all booked or you personally prefer the private student apartment because these have more facilities comparatively. Although the more facilities mean the more rent and if you are willing to pay the extra rent then you could even have the fancy apartment areas which may have gyms, pools, gaming and many other such facilities. Sometimes, these private accommodations also provide the mess for the students and the total rent includes all the facilities which means you do not have to pay for any of these separately. There are room options in these as well in which you could have the individual room with your own kitchen and shower or you could share it with couple of fellas with shared facility. In some cases, there is dual occupancy as well for the couples which are like the studio rooms except for the fact that it is for two people. Although there are disadvantages in these, first that as a student you must not be giving your accommodation this much importance because the extra facilities could cause the diversions and therefore, sticking to the basic rooms is always a better option and these private rooms could be on a varying location which could either be near or away from your university campus which means that you have to spend your time and money on travel as well.